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Snow Day

WI Closed

We are in the middle of a snowstorm and it has a name– Draco, finally a “He”.

contrast trees

My husband declared today one of the best days he’s had in a while. The whole family and maybe street concurs. Our sleep was interrupted last night by our happy, laughing, chatty neighbors at two in the morning. When we woke up to this…

Giant snow man

… we forgave them. This dude is, yes featureless but he’s one storey tall I kid you not. Yes, yes we forgave them I said.

It’s not safe driving and some families lost their power and or internet tonight, but other than the gusty winds and sometimes thunder sounds, it’s not too cold. During the day it was just freezing and at night it goes down to the twenties. Very mild temperatures for this kind of storm. Although I have been told many a time that if it gets too cold, snow won’t fall down.

walking in snow tunnel Snow line sled shovel Grabby shovel

We spent today sledding, building forts and tunnels and shoveling (really the man did the last three and we happily watched and sledded) and I got to be out for more than ten minutes at a time without my toes freezing and going purple. How did I live without those chemical heat pouches all my life. You can not begin to perceive the amount of happiness I’m experiencing right now. I can hang out with my kids in freezing temperatures in the snow without being miserable! Hooray for chemicals!

sunken boot snow dump sidewalk fort boot line

We got from sixteen to eighteen inches. West of us got up to twenty inches.

Fun times.

I get to go to work tomorrow but our schools, shops and libraries are closed again tomorrow.

Happy Snow Day Wisconsin. And Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!


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  1. Tell me about the chemical heat pouches. I am constantly with the frozen toes and fingers. I am in constant fear that I will loose feeling in my digits if I spend too long outside.

  2. so glad you found the pouches! korrina loves them too 🙂

    a draco snowstorm! very special these days!

    enjoy winter! xoxo


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