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Hello and welcome,

I am an Egyptian mama of two sweet little girls, living in America’s mid-west. This space is snippets from our lives, it doesn’t reflect any truth or fiction. It is what it is. Please play nice and don’t share images from here without permission. You are welcome to link to this page. Have a good one *wink*


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  1. Salam Alekum sister. May I please know what kind of camera and photo editing tool you use. The photo quality is awesome!

    • Wa alaykum al salam,
      I have the nikon D90 and I’m quite pleased with it, I edit my photos using photoshop’s new program Light Room 3. It’s so user friendly and does the job. For my quirky post card style photos I’ve been using Instagram iPhone app. I love it. Thank you for stopping by and good luck on your photography endeavors:)

  2. Asalamu Alaikum, I just wandered through here and wanted to say hello. Jummah Mubarak! (It’s Friday. LOL) Kristina

  3. Salam! I find it very exciting that (correct me on this) you are a revert? I myself have a mom who is American and it always makes me happy to see the diversity of the beautiful Umma.
    Salam! 😀


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