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Snow Day

WI Closed

We are in the middle of a snowstorm and it has a name– Draco, finally a “He”.

contrast trees

My husband declared today one of the best days he’s had in a while. The whole family and maybe street concurs. Our sleep was interrupted last night by our happy, laughing, chatty neighbors at two in the morning. When we woke up to this…

Giant snow man

… we forgave them. This dude is, yes featureless but he’s one storey tall I kid you not. Yes, yes we forgave them I said.

It’s not safe driving and some families lost their power and or internet tonight, but other than the gusty winds and sometimes thunder sounds, it’s not too cold. During the day it was just freezing and at night it goes down to the twenties. Very mild temperatures for this kind of storm. Although I have been told many a time that if it gets too cold, snow won’t fall down.

walking in snow tunnel Snow line sled shovel Grabby shovel

We spent today sledding, building forts and tunnels and shoveling (really the man did the last three and we happily watched and sledded) and I got to be out for more than ten minutes at a time without my toes freezing and going purple. How did I live without those chemical heat pouches all my life. You can not begin to perceive the amount of happiness I’m experiencing right now. I can hang out with my kids in freezing temperatures in the snow without being miserable! Hooray for chemicals!

sunken boot snow dump sidewalk fort boot line

We got from sixteen to eighteen inches. West of us got up to twenty inches.

Fun times.

I get to go to work tomorrow but our schools, shops and libraries are closed again tomorrow.

Happy Snow Day Wisconsin. And Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!




Acorns and panda puff balls are what I’ve been stepping on these days in our apartment– says a lot about the kind of people we are. It says that we are parents of nature collectors, and panda puff devourers who skip the milk and go straight for the crunch. It also says that we haven’t vacuumed in a while.


I have five draft posts that I have written and never published, after re-reading them I thought “umm, better not”. They were all different forms of whining about a week long sickness that is currently breathing it’s final breaths. The result: I sound like an old man whose been smoking most of his life. My youngest declared me unfit for reading books with her. I concur.

Tomorrow I am supposed to get my final fit test to see how much I’ve progressed in the past two months of gym going. I am still super weak from the sickness and I lost I a lot of muscle during my rest (lost five pounds) so I’m not sure what I’ll be testing tomorrow other than fatigue. I still plan to go because I promised my instructor I’d go.

Can you tell I’m lame and blank these days. I am just writing this post to get things out of the way and break the spell. Hopefully this should do it. Also my man found my camera charger, so here’s something to look forward to.

On a less lame note, I finished a book during my sickness, because when you have conjunctivitis in both eyes, and have consumed the capacity of your eye tolerance to stare at a screen for long periods of time, you figure: maybe you should start reading that book you’ve been meaning to read a while back, and so I did. It was a very good book. I had consulted a while back with twitter of which book to start me off with Neil Gaiman. Twitter gave its word: American Gods. And so it was (after I got sick and was forced to sit–or rather lay– and read) The story was set in different parts of America, but mainly in America’s Midwest. My kind of place (wink) so now I want to go visit The House On The Rock because it sounds ridiculous, entertaining, and creepy all at once, or at least that’s what the book suggests. Also the story is set in winter, and it spoke of harsh temperatures, several feet of snow and numbing cold winds. So now I have gone completely mad and actually missed real, bone-penetrating cold, winters. We have sunshine and forty degree weather these days, and i’m thinking lame (lameness is apparently my theme tonight). So instead of being thankful I am wishing for snow. Also my man bought me a box of these. Prepared is how I’m feeling right now.

Before I had read anything by Neil Gaiman I started following him on twitter because I was already following a lot of his followers and so Twitter suggested him on my list of people to follow. So like the good girl that I am I took twitter’s advice and followed the man. So when I started reading his book I somehow subliminally heard his voice narrating his story to me, and I even saw his avatar picture speaking to me without moving it’s mouth. Just like it has tweeted to me before without moving it’s mouth, so we became friends. Just like that. It’s strange how people will connect with you and identify with you through a voiceless medium. It’s also a little creepy because we really don’t know each other at all (I am including you dear reader in this epiphany, yes, I don’t know you, except if I do) but he sat in that little corner in my head and spoke to me in a friendly way, and so I decided that he’s alright. You know? Yet for all I know he could be a wife beater in real life. I could be connecting on a personal level (’cause you know reading is very personal, and I was very sick and vulnerable) with a wife beater. Just a thought that popped in my head that I thought to share with you.

… and reader, I am not a wife beater. Feel free to connect with me on a personal level.





My youngest daughter is a passionate dancer. She is often seen dragging a costume dress fashioned with tulle and following me around the apartment. “Help me mama”.

Right after she’s dressed, she holds my hand and leads me to our stereo station in the dinning room. “Music!” is yelled with an up and down jump to accompany her enthusiasm. This scene takes place on any unoccupied pocket of time my youngest finds during her day and/or night.

So it was especially fascinating for her to attend a fancy party at school (The Frosty Ball) with a real DJ parent (thirty years retired, and so was the music which made the whole thing more hilarious. My girls rocked to the Macarena! amongst other infamous songs from the decade and the two decades before that… Hi larious I’m telling you!)

Leaving the party we were greeted with showers of fat snow flakes falling like feathers on the already dusted grounds. These shots were snapped from our window the next morning.

and this morning Mei spotted green bulbs pushing out the ground. Crazy!



“Winter’s coming!” the book I’m reading keeps warning. It makes me panic for a split second, it makes my brain decide what to do with this alarming information I’m currently receiving– for a split second– and then I remember and respond back “No it’s not you silly book”. But yesterday I looked out the window and saw that indeed it is winter, or at least it looked like it for the first few hours of my day. Big chunky snowflakes collapsed on our back yard. The brown lawn was now completely painted white, the skies were grey and promising more to come.

{We are talking weather and seasons if you haven’t noticed already. Because that’s where my brain is at right now. Unfortunately my nose and stuffy head are talking about something completely different, and my bedside table is yelling at me to clear out my pyramid of used tissues. I’m listening, it’s my nose that needs the yelling. I want to remind my bedside table.}

But while I was having lunch, the sun peaked through our slotted shades and caught my eyes. White glare was all I could make out. So I did the unthinkable and twisted the slots in the shades shut. “If you don’t like the weather wait an hour” I reminded myself. But I’m liking the weather, all of it this season.

Our winter came, and is currently breathing it’s final breaths. Our winter was a kind old man this season, he gave us our snow, he brought out our down covers and winter gear, and he even froze our lakes. But he did it slowly with a pace befitting an old man whose had a long life of hard work. Now he’s willing to do the work with the leisure of sipping tea, and napping in between. The snow all melted within an hour, the sun came out bright and warm and stayed until it disappeared behind the horizon, but the dark skies loomed in the distance promising us maybe yet another winter storm. And so we wait.

But you know what?

Spring is coming!