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Food and such

I have week long food photos from different parts of the day. I had them on my phone and thought to share. Also I feel slightly self conscious because what I eat is personal. And I’m not giving you a recipe or anything I’m just showing you my food because I took the photos already and someone should look at them. So since we’re doing this (although I’ve been doing it for years, but am suddenly self conscious about it) you should know that I only take the–in my mind– healthier food choices I make. Meaning you won’t see my pre-bedtime chocolate or potato chips snacking. I don’t do it all the time, but my food choices aren’t always fabulous. Just keeping things real… and awkward.


IMG_2151 IMG_2215 IMG_2309


IMG_2123 IMG_2122 IMG_2186 IMG_2306

:: fava beans with a poached egg, chopped parsely, radishes and pita bread :: smoked trout, tortilla chips, half an avocado, half a grape fruit and figs :: Bratwurst, kale, carrot soup :: stir fried kale, onions, mushrooms, topped with an omelet, with a side of arugula, olives, and a spoon on humus.


White people food. My husband made us one of his childhood casseroles: Mac n cheese with veggies and canned salmon subbed for canned tuna. He bears with my weird Egyptian food like Molokheya I figure, I can handle a casserole, also he’s awesome!




I have no title in mind so I’ll just type this: Vote!

I have a confession to make. I am kind of scared… of winter. It’s coming you know. I know that because all our maple trees and the other trees I cannot name stand tall and bare, we also wake up to a white dusting of frost covering our grass, oh that and the daylight saving hours–sundown is at 4:44 pm– Pretty solid affirmations of the season to come. Also November kindda gives it away don’t you think?

The good news is I am excited about spending longer hours in the kitchen again, I have high hopes. I borrowed this book from the library to get excited about kitchen affairs again. I’ve been burned out for sometime. Homemade granola, bread, and pies remember me? Homemade crackers, sauerkraut, and pasta here I come (didn’t I mention my high hopes?) Also, here’s one more reason to get excited about kitchen affairs (listen up family, and lurking readers wherever you may be) my dear Egyptian friend Yasmine just started her own food blog (awesome blog name right? ‘mumkin’ translates to ‘maybe’). Just to give you a back story about my friend, she hails from the same neighborhood in Cairo as your humble slave, she is the one who suggested that I meet her husband’s roommate– who happens to currently be my dah-ling husband. So yeah, we’re pretty tight despite the distance. She currently resides in the west coast with her wonderful family.

Yasmine was once known to use tomato paste for american recipes calling for salsa (the word salsa means tomato paste in Arabic, you get the confusion right?)She’s come a long way since, one thing you should know about Yasmine before you commit to her blog. She’s a perfectionist, if she gets into something she’ll research it until her eyes pop out. She’s recently (well not so recently, has it been almost a year now?) joined the cross fit band and adopted their healthy eating habits (a trick for flour devouring ol’ moi) the Paleo diet. What gives me hope is she has a sweet tooth and three males in her life who are known to devour anything edible that comes their way. The girl manages to make paleo friendly cakes, cupcakes, granola, and desserts, how about that? If you’re still not impressed then you’ve probably wasted precious time over here, hop over there and see for yourself.


In other news I have my oral exam tomorrow, so all prayers, thoughts, energy (whatever you have I’ll take it) are much appreciated!

I announced on FB (because that’s what people do on Facebook) that the current challenge facing me in my new job is meeting all these people I am interpreting for. I mentioned that it’s a challenge because I’m an introvert, which was received by shocked responses from some of my closest friends. I guess I do a good job hiding it. Also, I’m not sure some of my friends understand introversion very well. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy people, I really do, and I like crowded places, and sometimes I’ll go to the farmer’s market just to get shoved by people, I mean I did grow up in Egypt. But it’s a lot of work for me, it consumes all of me to do so, and I need to just be alone for some time to recharge and then I’m good to go. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’re one of us. Watch this, it might help. Also introverts are awesome!


We carved our pumpkins the day after halloween, and guess what? they’re just as fun and they didn’t protest at all. We possibly have the friendliest jack o lanterns in the neighborhood. I think it gives away the presence of little girls in our household.

One of our night time routines are bargaining about the number of books to be read for bedtime. Tonight Grabby pushed this pile all the way from her bedroom, we settled on three: This, this and this. It’s very hard to say no to books, but someone’s gotta do it, or we’ll be up all night. If Mei is not super tired, she’ll linger in her bunk with a flashlight and a book.

And with that I wish you a good night filled with good reads.


Into Fall

As the day shrinks down, and the rhythm of school kicks in, I find it tricky to visit here as often as I would like. I am a night blogger– which means my inspiration kicks in usually sometime close to midnight. But with the shift in everyone’s schedule, this tired mama has finally given in to her age needs and is leaving this late night, teenage reminiscent life behind (or so I hope) and conquering the new world of early nighters (Ha!). They’re fun too, they do most of their partying in their dreams– way cooler and better for your skin (also I’m old)

I have some random pictures from the week, food which everyone needs, and a farm visit for pumpkins, a small bag of apples (our farmers lost 80% of their crop this season, no apple picking for us) and a jar of fresh honey, maple syrup, and strawberry rhubarb jam. Yum, yum and yum.

My man made us chicken pot pie, we were all very impressed, yet he still insists on giving it a couple more tries until he perfects it. Hey, no complaints from me. He has perfected his lasagne using the same method. Mei will tolerate my lasagne but her favorite dish is preferred out of her father’s hand. I agree (without any ulterior motives)

Scones are never a bad sight, so here you go.

Lastly, a drying rack full of fairy costumes for Sarah the fairy, we’ve been at it since summer, and now fall. Whenever I’m about to allow boredom take over, Grabby appears at my door in full costume and then I melt. I can do another season. Yes, yes I can.


Eid’ul Fitr 2012

chocolate covered macaroons instead of the traditional Eid kahk (cookies) never was a fan. They were oh so good!

Eid Breakfast (and we even had halal turkey bacon for a treat!)

“Sarah the fairy” plays with her new Eid gift

This year we added Eid gifts instead of only gifting Eid clothes. A substitute for Christmas if you will. Something to make the kids look forward to in the coming years. Most of the gifts were practical back to school stuff, with the exception of a couple play inspirational ones.


Random Links

I’m starting with this one because it’s the most link worth your time. Really! If you’re a non-Muslim and would like to listen to a true man speak about Islam’s true stance regarding women’s rights, you should consider clicking on this link. If you’re a Muslim, I feel like this is a must watch.

Did you catch this? Apparently google earth can find lost pyramids too. Well not quite, but it’s also true.

Doppelganger is a fun word to say. Here’s a reason for you to say it. Also, this is insanely funny.

Epic escape!

How cute are these?

Massaged kale salad has been a staple at our house, in case you missed the earlier link, here it is again!

Kata’if, a middle eastern traditional Ramadan dessert. I remembered to take a picture too late.

This one is insanely good and super simple, a true taste of summer.

The last ten days are upon us, in these last days of the month it’s recommended to make this supplication:

Allahumma Innaka ‘afuwun Kareemun tuhibu al ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anni

اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي

O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.’


Weekend in Pictures

Grabby places her fairy costume neatly on my pillow side, mastering enough patience for my limp self to show some signs of life. I don’t know how long the costume has been sitting on my pillow, but Grabby is no longer waiting by my pillow side. She comes running with heavy stomps though when she hears sounds coming from my bedroom. “Where’s my wand?” “Let’s put on your costume first and look for the wand later, ok?”

We find the wand by midday, tucked under the costume trunk. With that, Grabby holds her wand triumphantly and flashes me the biggest smile “Abra Kadabra Ala Kazoom, make my mommy a FAIRY TOO!”

This has been going on for the past three days. Grabby, from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed is in her fairy costume, sharing magic with the rest of her fairy kingdom, bringing peace, love, and giggles through out the realm.


Weekend in photos:






garden (it got much bigger)



…car shows with flux capacitors!

…farmers markets, special appearance cows ’cause we like to embrace our roots.


Ah Summer!

Hope you’re enjoying yours at your end.