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So it boils down to should I go to the Gym today or tackle the laundry and make an elaborate dinner instead of steamed everything blah. I finished most of my laundry and the girls fansy stuff that need to go on the gentle cycle and get line dried. The man does the rest. And no these are not #firstworldproblems because they aren’t problems at all, they are blessings.

Someone shared this short video about poor africans filmed in their slums reading twitter hashtags of first world problems. He named the video “first world problems read by third world people”. The title is already incorrect because I come from the third world and I experience similar “first world problems”. The irony of this is, the short video maker didn’t make a point at all. The hashtag is a parody. It’s people recognizing their lame complaints and making fun of them. Which is kind of the same like #muslimrage. If you’re familiar with Twitter world you need to check this hashtag out, I contributed a few in there.  Here’s my personal favorite (which unfortunately I can’t take credit for):”@HijabiGrlPrblms: You lose your nephew at the airport but you can’t yell his name because it’s JIHAD. #muslimrage”

Where was I?

Oh priorities. There must be a balanced way where one can exercise, eat right and not obsesses about it. It’s important to care about the right choices, but there must be a balance where one remembers his real purpose in this world, right? To do laundry…KIDDING!

Conclusion: Breaking habits are good even breaking from a good habit. Eat something that contains a stick of butter sometimes, it’ll do you good–unless you have high cholesterol, then skip it and eat oats instead.

You see why I haven’t been coming here much recently? 



Btw this post was written in its entirety as a reminder for myself, I get carried away sometimes.


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Hello and welcome, you have landed yourself on this virtual space designed by your humble servant to try and escape life's unpleasantness through: selective memory musings, snippets of the world that surrounds me, and occasional insights when the light blub in this strange brain of mine flickers. No real names are displayed I'm afraid, why bother?

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  1. peace, nermine 🙂 blessings to complain about blessings. it’s a part of our life. we recognize the smallness in the bigness . . i always think of anne frank in hiding and how all she wanted to do was to freely ride her bike and go to school! little things! the little things are the big things. the little things are our life. and it’s important to be able to be free to complain about our life, while keeping in mind our responsibilities! . . while keeping our hearts open . .

    • Thanks Dorina, I forget sometimes. It’s good to pause and think and even tell yourself “wait a minute, why am I doing this again?” “Right!” and then everything falls into place again. And the little things become important again.


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