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Whenever something like this happens (and unfortunately it happens every two or so years) I want to run away and hide. Or go out in the street and yell: NO I AM NOT WITH THEM. I seriously consider removing anything from my visible attire that would indicate that I am somehow associated with these people… I am not!

These people don’t represent Islam or how Muslims should behave, these people are barbaric and crazy. And unfortunately for Islam they also happen to be Muslim, and their simple minds tell them that this is the way to be a “good Muslim”. I am not one of them. Please don’t judge me by my headscarf, I follow a completely different religion from what they follow. My religion is based on love, compassion, mercy and understanding. My religion is innocent of these people’s actions, my religion tells us not to cut off a tree during war time, how about during peace? My religion empowers women and honors mothers, my religion promotes knowledge and learning. It condemns violence and murder “…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”–Al- Quran 5:32

Prophetic sayings on the etiquette’s of war before engaging in battles:

“Do not destroy the villages and towns, do not spoil the cultivated fields and gardens, and do not slaughter the cattle.” (Sahih Bukhari; Sunan Abu Dawud) 

“Accustom yourselves to do good if people do good, and to not do wrong even if they commit evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

“Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.” (Sunan Abu Dawud)

“Do not practice treachery or mutilation. Do not uproot or burn palms or cut down fruitful trees. Do not slaughter a sheep or a cow or a camel, except for food.” (Al-Muwatta)

“If one fights his brother, [he must] avoid striking the face, for God created him in the image of Adam.” (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)

“Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship. (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)

“Do not wish for an encounter with the enemy; pray to God to grant you security; but when you [are forced to] encounter them, exercise patience.” (Sahih Muslim)

“No one may punish with fire except the Lord of Fire.” (Sunan Abu Dawud).

Mind you we are not at war.

To the families of the the American envoy who were killed in Benghazi, my deepest condolences. Nothing… NOTHING not even the destruction of the holy Ka’aba is worth the loss of innocent lives. I am so sorry.


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Hello and welcome, you have landed yourself on this virtual space designed by your humble servant to try and escape life's unpleasantness through: selective memory musings, snippets of the world that surrounds me, and occasional insights when the light blub in this strange brain of mine flickers. No real names are displayed I'm afraid, why bother?

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  1. Assalamualaikum,My Dear Sisiter,like you i am always aware of what is going on in this world and how these things impact my family and other muslims on the earth,but especially how it impacts muslims here in America.I want to run,hide,scream,or leave. I guess what we should all be doing ,if we are not already,is doing good.Volunteer in our communities,join interfaith groups,vote etc. It is even more important that our sisters do these things.I am tired of feeling guilty of things that I have not done. I am sad today.

  2. Reblogged this on My Islamic Life's Blog and commented:
    I’ve been living inside a carefully orchestrated tornado of activity the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the last 4 days have also contained a layer of grief and remembrance. Since Tuesday, I’ve been waiting for the real truth to unfold surrounding the movie (I’ve not watched), the producer of the movie, the director, their motives, the protests in Egypt and Libia, and the deaths of Americans that may or may not have resulted from these acts. I’m still not sure what the true story is, and I’m sure it’s not what they are saying on The H Post, CNN, MSN or all the other ‘news’ places.

    I’m sitting here sipping my iced coffee, and reading my stuff, and when I read MuslimHippie’s post, I thought ‘Yeah! What she said…yeah, that sums it up.’

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    Not mine either.

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    we are only responsible for our actions to reactions
    my late-father-in would have loved this post
    he told me once as long as your intentions are good and you do not deliberately hurt anyone the gates of heaven are open….
    we agreed that all faiths are here for a reason, there is no wrong or right one

    we are here to learn to walk in the light and shadows of the one we feel in our hearts
    every faith, walk of life has someone who interprets the words differently
    I always wonder how they see what they do….
    I am glad I do not understand how people can be so callous with life of another
    but it still hurts to watch the destruction…..
    each religion/faith has someone that will be cruel and callous, to me it does not reflect on the Faith of any others that walk that path, it is an individual choice to walk in the highest intention…
    we are drawn to similarities, the diversities help us grow as a person of Faith
    I hope I have not offended you, I do not mean too,,,
    this is a very good post
    Take Care….
    You Matter…

    • There is nothing offensive in your words, only positive words for how we choose to share the world and live life. One of my favorite verses in the Quraan resonates with your words. The meaning of the verse is this: God created us of different nations and tribes, so we may know and learn from one another. Thank you for this.


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