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Deep Inhales

When I’m homesick, I usually google old Egyptian TV shows or movies and watch clips and cry and smile at the same time. But when I’m “dunya-sick” I watch Clips from the Ellen show (not the celebrity based ones, although sometimes I watch those too) because our world seems ugly when the headline news are counting death tolls in a warzone or a(/nother) mass shooting in a first world country, or an unjust verdict regarding the cold-blooded murder of a young activist in Palestine about a decade ago. And so Ellen helps. Try it, you’ll have faith in humanity again. The huffignton post has a feel good news section, make sure to subscribe to it.


Grabby slept an hour shy of midnight tonight. She was exhausted yet couldn’t close her eyes. I laid next to her and heard her inhales stop midway and that’s when I knew.”Grabby can you breath?” “Yes” “but is the air going in all the way or does it stop?” “It stops” “do you need your inhaler?” “Yes”
I gave her two puffs as instructed. I had really hoped she outgrew it. Deep inhales– they’re a blessing.


Mei spotted this today… and then it flew.



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  1. iA she will outgrow it.. diggin the leaf bug

  2. Thanks! and aren’t those leaf bugs just something?


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