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Hope you find a lot of nice things to wear…

The girls went for a morning walk in the woods with their dad and came back with a turkey feather to show. A light bulb suddenly glowed and homemade ink was promptly made to compliment the feather.

One thing lead to another and so the paint bottles and paint brushes were summoned. An hour later I found myself with a stack of papers covered in drawings and blotches of paint that needed to be dried somewhere. I tied a string from one side of the wall to the opposite side, pinned the paintings with clothes pins and was left with an unintended art banner. So we’re leaving it up for our Eid decoration this year.

My two favorites are the smiley mischievous face drawn by Mei, and the corn looking drawing next to the flower drawn by Grabby. She was actually drawing a face with a mouth full of yellow germs because “he doesn’t brush his teeth” only I placed the painting upside down. I fixed it!


Tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan this year. May God accept. Which means… Eid people!! Hooray for morning tea! (or coffee if you do that sort of thing)

I must confess I’m pretty excited for Eid this year. (Note to self: buy flour for traditional Eid pancakes). We are adding presents to the traditional Eid attire this time around. We figured… why not?

So here are some sneak peaks from our Eid preps:

Eid outfits

Trying to choose my Eid outfit

Eid Gifts

Excluding the flour shortage, I reckon we’re ready. Let the festivities begin!

Eid Mubarak Everyone, “hope you find a lot of nice things to wear”– Cat Stevens



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  1. oh, have a wonderful celebration! and the paintings are beautiful for the festivities (such a germy mouth!)

    i recognized the cat stevens song!


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