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photo from our drive to higher grounds to try and spot the new moon of Ramadan. We failed–it was cloudy.

Did you know that Muslims in Norway break fast at 10:03pm and stop eating at 2:40 am, they have less than five hours for eating and drinking. Their ‘isha (night prayer) is at 11:54pm–those are some serious taraweeh prayers they’re doing over there. The moral of the story is: arentcha glad you don’t live in Norway?

I couldn’t help but think if I had this little time for sustenance and imagined that I also worked forty hours/week during (which I don’t). I thought definitely squeeze in a couple of the green smoothies that my girl and I have been enjoying on a daily basis, and possibly throw in a protein powder to jazz things up. Here’s what I put in the smoothie: A handful of mixed greens (kale, arugula, spinach, chard), a handful of blueberries, three strawberries, a banana, one table spoon peanut butter, a squeeze of raw honey, a squeeze of organic chocolate syrup, and one cup of almond milk plus 4 ice cubes. Mix them up in a powerful blender, and enjoy with the your adventurous kid that is willing to try things. You can stick out your tongue to the other fussy one (’cause what else can you do?)

Apparently there’s a new wave of our Arab youth that is experimenting with new ideologies in the aftermath of the Arab spring and the wake of free speech and social media websites that promote and help the exchange of new ideas. Socialism, anarchy, atheism to mention a few. These are all reactions to years of oppression and suppression of  logical questions that were considered a taboo to even think about. A reasonable well learned religious speaker is doing an impressive effort to try and bridge the gap between the old ways of thinking and addressing real questions and the new way of accepting and understanding the need to question and where our belief system stands with these questions. ‘Even the angels asked questions’ was one of the many examples he mentions to promote that questioning is natural and should be done. The show is mainly a crash course in Islamic creed, done in a way that is understandable to anyone and everyone. If you speak Arabic I highly recommend it. This link is to episode five talking about Darwin and his problem with the existence of God and the evolution theory (which is not contradictory to Islam by any means).

Lucky for you that I am communicating to you through a written medium, otherwise my high pitched excited voice might have damaged your eardrums permanently for this one. First thing’s first: If you’re a bachelor or a lazy student you are in for a treat… Whole foods now carries healthy-halal-ready-made-frozen-meals. I should’ve waited until I’ve tried the four boxes that are currently getting well acquainted with my other freezer-related articles, but I am just too EXCITED! Also, they’re getting good reviews on Facebook, then they must be good then right? Do check them out! EEEK! (if you don’t have a facebook account and can’t access the page, just google Saffron Road/Whole Foods Market)

I made this because that’s what you do when you’re fasting, you dream about the perfect dessert and you make it. Then your stomach can’t handle it. It was good… I hope you have a tougher stomach than mine.

And lastly there is this: I’ve been asked to promote this offer from Halal Consumer’s Magazine (which is an online magazine that has impressive writers and articles that I’ve previously browsed and enjoyed) You can click on the image for a bigger view.

Peace and Blessings Friends!


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