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Prayer for rain

I finally finished reading ‘Middlesex’ two nights ago. My final verdict: It’s too long. One thing you don’t realize about a book when you’re reading it digitally– the size! so kindle:0 to Paperback:1 Don’t get me wrong, I thought the writing was brilliant, I just didn’t care for the extra details and effects much. Also the ending was meh.

My next read should take a couple of weeks to finish (hopefully.) I am excited about it.

Good news.

Not so good news: I haven’t been able to bring my worthless self to blog. It’s just so hard to write about how I’m spending my summer and read about things like Syria. And I really try not to read the news, but sometimes I read it and cry and make du’a (supplication) and remember my brothers and sisters suffering, and instead of reminiscing about Um Ahmad keeping my kitchen sink (and the rest of my place) sparkling clean. I thank God for his infinite blessings: shelter, stability, safety, clean fresh running tap water in the middle of a drought that has destroyed the season for our farmers starting in the Midwest heading all the way south.


It was a rare sight (back then) for my very young self to witness my mother in her headscarf praying. And when it happened, we usually asked for a reason behind such an unusual act. “mom, why are you praying?” “the Nile level is very low, we need rain. It has been announced on the radio and TV that all of Egypt should pray salatul istisqa’ (the rain prayer) and make supplication for rain”

I could hear the imam at the corner mosque making the rain supplication. Within the hour I was sticking my head and extending my tongue out the window lapping rainwater like a dog.

“God is great” my mother smiled.


My youngest wrapped herself a birthday present, explained to me in detail how her coming birthday is going to be like (guests, decorations, chocolate cake with candles and how to blow the candles “wike dis: pffffff” and a “SURPRISE!” yell with an up and down jump. “It’s ‘doe-ing’ to be awesooooooooommmme!” She finally declared. This friends was my favorite part of the day.



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