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My brother had a disturbing dream last night where he was back from Canada visiting Egypt and cruising in my cousin’s car. All the buildings were painted in the military signature camouflage designs… even the black and white side walk was painted in camouflage colors. “What happened?”my brother inquired. My cousin responded that he has seen nothing yet. With this my brother woke from his nightmare to today’s news.

How I handled today’s news? Well, I listened to ‘Rage Against the Machine’ for two hours straight, got mighty angry and then did the dishes, loaded the washing machine, packed a picnic dinner and headed out the door to the girls school. Last week, democracy made its noise to recall an evil governor and then democracy had the evil governor survive the noise. Today a tyrant murdered “dozens” more of “his” people in a blast near the shrine of our beloved Sayyida Zeinab, The is Huge not just for Shia like the report says, but for all Muslims.

I am not here to depress you by the way, I am here because sometimes writing about things helps me– a totally self absorbed reason.


I am currently listening to GOT book two. After reading book one, I settled on the audio option for the rest, I can focus on all the characters better somehow. The only time I can listen to it though is on the way to get the girls. I don’t like headphones, so naturally it’s taking me forever to finish it. Which is annoying ’cause I want to finish it before watching season two. I heard conflicting opinions about the departure of season two from the book. I may or may not (depending on my mood and memory) give you my take on that. Not that you should care about my take, which is a good thing, cause as I mentioned: FOREVER.


I might pop back tomorrow and fix this mess. Meanwhile, if you’ve waded into my mess, do yourself a favor and read something nice after. Promise?



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  1. i love the honesty of your thoughts..i enjoy reading your writings


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