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Middle Ground

My first born laid on her back with her knees propped up and took deep, heavy, rhythmic, breaths on our dining room floor tonight. It was almost six o’clock and she was completely out– it’s the rhythmic deep inhales and exhales that gave her away. A success! Our one night camping trip was a success. Our proof is currently snoring on her upper bunk.

Had my sister been with us, she would have declared otherwise. My sister is terrified of racoons. Ever since she moved to Canada, she’s had a raccoon-problem. I’m guessing if she witnessed our sneaking party last night she would have left tent and all and ran straight home, loony toons style. I, too was terrified, I am not claiming bravery.  They are not good at sneaking up on people at all by the way, whomever called them bandits, knows nothing about bandits. They are noisy (we can hear them moving in the plants) and slow. They’re also kind of funny, If you shine a flash light at them they arch their backs, look straight into your eyes and continue moving slowly–as if sneaking. “Dude, you’ve been caught, enough with the sneaking !”. Another one kept moving slowly then stopping to look back at us in disappointment. Like we offended him or something. There was the fat one with the cropped tail (what’s the story there buddy?) the skinny one with tail intact, and sizes in between. The freakiest thing was their reflective eyes in the darkness. Otherwise, I really wanted to console them for their poor stealing skills.

“Fire was created hungry and insatiable. We need to be careful around fire” Mama to Mei.Fire is more interesting than TV, you can sit and watch it for hours” Baba to Mei.

Other than that, as far as camps go, this one was a nice middle ground. Isolated enough from other campers, yet close enough to a bathroom with plumbing–Let my husband explain to you how much I love plumbing–And for Wisconsin, (or really any other state for that matter) NO BUGS! Another big deal.

For someone who likes to take pictures I am a disappointment. I forgot my Fancy camera at home, and arrived with a 20% charged phone. I did manage a surprising amount of phone photos with my 20% charge. Hot dogs on sticks and s’mores will have to be imagined. They were amongst the top five on the list. The very first one was when my three year old was strolling along a hill then spotted the beach and started sprinting towards the water, we were all behind trying to catch up, while cracking up from the sight. The second one has to go to the crazy racoons. The offended one in particular.

All photos edited by Instagram.



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