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Canada in full color

Remember this post? I know, I almost forgot, but then I remembered. Summer is upon us, and blogging becomes more challenging when the weather is actually nice. Why stay home? We have plenty of that comes winter.

Toronto it seems is a very colorful city, or at least this is what my eye got drawn to when I captured those images. A true feast for the eyes. The above are all street shots from our moving vehicle. We celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthday after that and then headed home the following day.

It was so crowded by the border, which was something we were not used to since we usually cross the border at night. At some point on the bridge between the American and the Canadian border we realized that our girls were still in Canada while both my husband and I were technically in America. Mei liked the idea of being in a different country than us. We get kicks from stuff like that.

We eventually made it into Madison. I foolishly tried to take a picture of the city’s modest skyline in the middle of the night and while the car was moving. It came out like scribbles of color. So in the spirit of today’s colorful post, I thought: Hey, why not?



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