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I counted about twenty joggers outside my window today in a span of one hour. I might have had the urge to join them in this gorgeous sunny day, but the ten hour drive back from Canada left my abdomen sore and my eyelids heavy– all that and I wasn’t the driver– Another superhero activity from my currently snoozing man. (When’s father’s day again?)

To make up for the week long silence I am happy to tell you that I have about 400 snapshots in total, how did I manage? well, there was a lot of cuteness to be captured amongst sight seeing that we’ve already seen and captured about three times before. But when it’s joined by my favorite people in the world (my two sisters, their ducklings and my baby brother–who somehow miraculously accumulated body mass {the good kind} that he’s never possessed before! Oh time, how you change people) I had no other option but to keep clicking.

There is no way on earth anyone would want to see 400 photos of someone else’s traveling photos, so in the coming days I am sharing only the best faceless shots that this website can handle along some tunes from our road trip.

Here goes nothing…

Entryway::Cabbage Town neighborhood::Kissing pigs in the Cabbage Town farm:: Mei climbing a tree with her old man:: Bro strumming away::Bro grilling away::Toronto the city::CN tower Vs clouds::Museum Building:: T-rex acting all Jurassic park like:: creepy dead birds in a drawer:: cousins costume play at the museum:: Feeding Pigeons aka why-pay-money-at-the-museum-when-you-can-feed-the-pigeons-for-pennies-and-have-a-blast-doing-it::fancy pigeons capture. Yes I can get fancy sometimes::Behold the best maple shaped and maple tasting cookie in the world, also please keep them away from me!

A song from the many albums we listened to on our long drive.

…to be continued



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