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I’ve been reading a couple of poorly written books recently– I am not sharing the titles because I am ashamed– so when I finally started reading a well written book, I was so amazed that someone could actually convey their point, paint a graphic image, and do it all while being smart and witty in one paragraph. The book I’m currently reading is going to take me a long time finishing because I love the writing style so much, I re-read most paragraphs twice. It’s like savoring a good meal. This could be due to the fact that the author is really gifted or because as I mentioned earlier I was reading poorly written books. Whichever it is (if you haven’t already) get yourself a copy. This one is a keeper, don’t go to the library, you need to own it!

Did I mention that I scored 91% on my written exam today. In a fairer world the grade should be credited to my significant other, I officially grant him the title “Super Baba!” the man has super powers, for real!  A shout out to my man!


I shared this song on my wall and it received zero likes. This song that I have watched at least 4 times in a row and five more times separately. I am sharing it here as a test, maybe someone out there will see the brilliance of this video.


On a different note, I would like to salute my facebook friends on all the bug photos they’ve been sharing recently. At least three bug photos from different contacts on my news feed today, alone. One of them particularly vomit inducing, because bugs are both fascinating and gross. I have awesome friends (I’m NOT being sarcastic btw)

I’ll be back here in a week inshaAllah. Also don’t mind my weirdness, I have studied all things dangerous, contagious and fatal for the past week. It’s a miracle we are all still breathing people! We are doomed and sustained with every single breath. How do doctors survive five years plus in medical school? There is a reason why the likes of me don’t go to medical school, I would be a very paranoid person and bring darkness to everyone around me. (It’s a good thing I was never accepted to medical school back in the day) Imagine!



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