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I am so absorbed with myself right now. I really hate studying with a capital H, but I do it. If you threaten me with an exam and grades I will finish studying all the material you give to me– be it an hour before the scheduled exam– yet I’ll do it. But when the practice exam asks me my opinion about the likely infection the supposed case has, or the medication that will be given in said case, I want to yell at the computer screen and say: I am not trying to be a doctor, you should not ask me what I think the patient is suffering from or what medications are likely to be prescribed. My sole role is to be a conduit for the conversation at hand. The less I know, the better. Hmph!

That’s what drew me to this job to begin with, the fact that a good interpreter is as invisible as possible. Incidentally, I do a better job at simultaneous interpreting than consecutive. The less time I have to think about the conversation at hand the better my interpreting. And yes, I am stressed out again, explains the twitching from my last post, and my ill judgement of sharing “unhappy stories” in my “happy space”. Forgive me.

Here’s another self absorbed thing that I ended up not doing today, that is sad in a different light: It was raining all morning, I wanted to go jogging. So to pump myself up, I told myself, “Nermine, if you go out right now and jog in the rain you’ll be uber (how do you add the two dots above uber, anyone?) hardcore, and everyone will see you and think man, she’s so hardcore jogging in the rain like that.” Just the thought made me so pleased with myself that I did not need to act on it. Also wet clingy headscarves are no fun at all, and gross.

In other (someone else’s) news, did you see this video that’s been circulating on social media sites? It’s really cool.



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  1. Yep, I get that.

    Also, I couldn’t watch the video. Watching children grow reminds me that my children are growing…and I cry for the days that have passed and the fear of them leaving me rears its ugly head and leaves me paralyzed. I can’t function for a while once that hits. So, I’m not watching, but thank you for sharing. 🙂

    BTW, I’ve got my 5 day old mother in the bottom cupboard and she’s happy. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • My mother in law told me something when I had my first child, she told me that our children are on a loan, so I should enjoy it while it lasts. It was a sad statement, yet so profound. So when I find my self frustrated with motherhood, I remind myself of her words, and then I feel happy again. I understand your unwillingness to watch. I find it fascinating to experience one person become so many different people over the course of time, yet stay exactly like the very first day you set eyes on them. An ongoing miracle.

      Happy “mothers” are the best. Enjoy your brew!!


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