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My window shades are rolled all the way up allowing this glorious afternoon glare to bounce back off my computer screen. Not the best light for screen staring activities, yet my heart and arm muscles will not allow me to pull the shades down. I’m even considering moving everything outside and making myself a nice cuppa tea. I must resist though, I have a bunch of kale that needs to be turned into chips amongst other groceries that are still cozy-ing on the kitchen floor in their brown paper bags (yes, I forgot my re-usable shopping bags. Sorry earth!)

This is not why I’m here though, I am here because I took some mighty good pictures of some mighty mundane things that I’m about to share with you. Also because I want to share a success story. (No, I didn’t pass my exam yet, and I still have my written by the end of this month… continue sending good thoughts for my next exam, thank you!) I am now the proud brewer of a fine batch of Kombucha tea. And it tastes EXACTLY like the store bought stuff–if not slightly better, if I may say so myself. So how did I manage you ask?

what are you two talking about? (when I stepped out in the yard to go shopping today I spotted these two talking heads. I’m ever so curious)

Well, a day after I confessed failure, and decided to wait for our spring chickens to grow stuff in our living premises I got an itch. “There is no way you can’t find one tiny spot that would house one jar of liquid without shaking. There must be somewhere, and you claimed you looked high and low–you lied. Look again, only do a better job this time” I argued with myself. So like the good girl that I am, I took my advice and looked harder. And I came about a suspended shelf. Let me rephrase that: I came about THE PERFECT suspended shelf, right above our refrigerator, only it was hiding behind all our cereal containers and tucked inside, out of reach.  This is where I applaud myself and hug myself in appreciation for all my very hard super duper searching skills.

And so after watching this video, I went out one rainy afternoon (I’m not sure if it was actually raining, it just makes it sound like it was a hardship or something, a better visual for my story telling, you get it right?), bought some Kombucha tea that I restrained myself from drinking and four weeks later, voila… a SCOBY mother was formed. To reach the final result, I followed this other video, bottled my brewed tea over night and had it for breakfast this morning.

A tear jerker no?

The moral of the story is, talking to oneself is a good thing! Also we are not getting our spring chickens because our landlord wasn’t as excited about the idea as we were. Hooray for CSA’s though, we’ll still be getting our farm fresh eggs minus the coolness of the chickens. And it worked out because I did grow something in our living vicinity. Thank you very much *bowing *

The End




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