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I was going to give you a green bean stew recipe in last night’s post, but after I finished typing the ingredients and threw in a couple of self deprecating jokes that no one would find amusing but myself, my computer decided to spare you. So you got the pomegranate story instead.

Today, I’m hungry and cold. Our temperatures plunged again, and now for the first time in weeks our weather suits the season. Only problem is we got spoiled, and I am once again typing to you from under my hoodie, breaking between paragraphs to hold my steaming hot drink in hand, in hope that my fingers will look more alive than they currently appear. (see, I can complain in a fancy way), so again no recipe. I did however take a couple of phone photos in anticipation, so you get to see them anyhoo.

You know what comes after I complain about my state and how it would not allow me to be creative and type something interesting right? You Got It! I have links people!

I am going to start with this link, because she is possibly one of my favorite bloggers/mommies/people that I do not know in the real world. She’s insightful, sensitive, perceptive and to top it off, a brilliant writer (also I secretly want her to be my best friend). I so absolutely love her latest post.

Okay, on with the less inspirational and more materialistic things. Aren’t these lovely? and they don’t break. Perfect for little, unsteady hands.

We finally succumbed to the inevitable and joined Costco. It works for bulky household items like toilet papers and frozen stuff. I usually steer clear from their fresh items because there’s no way a family of four (if we can count Grabby amongst the eaters) can finish this amount of produce in a week. If you’re not familiar they sell in bulk. My last visit I spotted a bucket full of succulent strawberries that I couldn’t resist, surely I can make make something with this much strawberries. I had intended to make jam, but my girl managed to finish three quarters of the bucket in three days (if it wasn’t obvious the girl LOVES strawberries) so now I have enough left to make this. I’m hoping I can make it by tomorrow. If you’re not gluten free, know us and live within the vicinity of Madison WI, please stop by– yes I am inviting you over the internet (you know yourself *wink*)

I really really want to make this, and this. Sigh.

Doily on a leather bag, a match made in heaven, also WANT!

This is Mei’s current favorite song. “mom, the words are sad but the music is happy… what’s a noose?” Ooops, also phew for not asking what a cannibal meant.

This is my current favorite song.

I really like this picture. If I was to caption it I would write “passion”.

This is all I have for you today.


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  1. Thank you for your kind post and lovely blog! You made my day 🙂


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