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Saudi Vs Egyptian

My Saudi friend is worried about my daughter. “Why are you worried about her?”. She says my girl is too pretty, “will you let her wear shorts when she grows up?”

I won’t let her do anything when she grows up, she’ll be responsible for her self by then. No one had me cover up. It was my own choice, and although my father was opposed to it at the time– “your father was against you wearing the headscarf, how strange!”– he did not force me to take it off. I have three other female siblings and I am the only one to this day who covers up. I’ll encourage her but If my daughter decides against the headscarf when she’s old enough, I have no right to tell her otherwise it’s not my choice to make. “So you’ll let her wear shorts?”

“I thought I already answered your question” I smiled,”Do you worry about Grabby too?”

“Not as much, Grabby is not as fair skinned as Mei, and she doesn’t have Mei’s blue eyes, so she won’t be as attractive”

“Did you forget that my girls are Americans living in America, they shouldn’t look as exotic as they do to middle eastern eyes, so don’t worry. Also I read Quran for them every night. God will take care of them. Isn’t it a relief, please don’t worry.”

I paused…

“You know I used to wear swim suits until the day before I started donning a headscarf. I was twenty three years old.

“And there were men around?”


“Your mother did not mind?”

“The only thing my mother frowned upon were bikinis, other than that she was fine”

“wow, your mother is very conservative”

We both laughed… “She actually is…”

My friend doubled over laughing. It was a good conversation.



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