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A Good Omen

As I type this our neighbor is sitting by his front porch, loudly strumming his guitar and singing off tune in a manner that would suggest that he believes he’s doing a good job. I salute his perseverance, he’s been at it since we moved in almost a year ago. No progress from his part yet! We are cheering for him though, for both our sakes.

We got invited to our (other) neighbors front yard tonight for a home-brewed-root-beer floats party. You don’t understand how this is a big deal for us. We are definitely not the social butterflies type (excluding Mei, the girl will talk to the street ants if there’s no one left to dump her brain to) and moving often doesn’t help. So to be invited to a social event for the neighborhood parents is huge for us. We are in people. Huzzah for kids! (Did I sound too desperate there? If your answer is yes, then pretend I never said anything, we’re awfully cool just so you know)

Today felt more like Spring since this freak weather started. There has been no gradual change in the temperatures, one day it was below freezing, with a respectable amount of snow on the ground, the next day BAM eighty degrees and sunny, and it continued doing so for the past week. So when it rained today and the temperature receded to the mid sixties, we did not pout. In fact let it rain some more, rain is a good omen where I come from.

mud soup anyone?


I’m in a 90’s rut these days, has it been this long? I can’t get into a nineties rut without Pearl Jam.

Good stuff right there.



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