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Devil’s Lake

Devil’s lake is about an hour drive from Madison WI. I found the name to be contradictory after I saw the place. Why is it called Devil’s Lake when it’s so beautiful? Apparently anything considered spiritual by the natives was adopted as unholy by the white man. The lake was formed by a glacier that settled and melted creating the clearest water I’ve ever seen. It’s surrounded by woods and a purple, small, rocky mountain– with trees covering it’s surface and sprouting through the rocks. Gorgeous.

On most weekends during my first year in America, I would ask to go to “The Devil’s Lake”.

It’s not “The Devil’s lake, Nermine, only Devil’s Lake, lose “The”.

There is another magical place in Egypt called Devil’s Head (Ras Shitaan), It actually has a rock that resembles a Devil’s head. So I suppose it’s a more legitimate name by a layman’s logic. I say lose “Devil”.

My husband was the first to spot this turtles shell stuck in the ice. He was trying to free it so we can take it home with us and place it with our nature collection. After managing to free most of the shell he grabbed the edge with his hands to pull it out. It was both startling and gross to find that the rest of the turtle was still attached… no worries, he washed his hands.. twice!

An unfortunate snapping turtle (It was quite big!) with it’s head still stuck in the ice. I don’t know how long it has been preserved by winter. With our steady high temperature I’m assuming it’ll start rotting, and fast. RIP turtle, we would’ve liked your shell, but it was still cool finding you untouched like that. Nature is fascinating.

woodpecker’s holes

She speaks for the trees!



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