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Little Lion Man

A few days back, my significant other looked at the plate of food placed in front of me and laughed. “What?” I asked. The obvious answer followed:

“If I’d told you a few years back that you would be eating cauliflower-rice, topped with kale, onions, eggs, and Kimchi for breakfast you would be laughing at me just like I’m laughing right now”

“Not only is it strange that I am consuming said food for breakfast, I actually enjoy it…. and honey, I blame you”

My husband will never consume what I just described for breakfast or any other meal for that matter. He’ll eat and enjoy brown rice, couscous, and even quinoa, but we have to draw our lines somewhere. He drew his at cauliflower rice. I am yet to find my line.


Here’s today’s Tuesday Tune, I love all the strings and the lights (Explicit):



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  1. Tell me about cauliflower rice! Have you posted on this before and I missed it? I am intrigued.


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