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I figured out how to make steak without a grill… let me repeat that, I figured out how to make steak period. Egyptians don’t eat big cuts of steak, we eat thinly sliced veal covered in bread crumbs then fried and call it a day. So it has been the one American dish that scared me, well, that and meat loaf (I’m still scared of meat loaf). A couple of years back I had a house guest who was a big fan of American style steaks, browned on the outside and medium rare on the inside. I failed drastically to please him. If he visits again, I might be able to save my face this time around. Can you tell I’m proud?

This is not steak, it’s this morning’s breakfast. Someone’s running low, yikes!


My husband told me that his Grandpa read the whole Master and Commander series and as soon as he was done he would pick up the first book int he series and start over. After finishing the Hunger Games, I decided it is indeed easiest to pick a book that has several series so you know you’re set for a few books. I am currently reading A Game of thrones. Maybe when I’m done I’ll consider the Master and Commander series, although I am slightly intimidated. I tried to start Tolsty’s War and Peace, but realized the book needs more dedication and a present mind than my current state right now. One of these days my brain should function for such books, for now young adult it is.

Grandpa’s metal car


It’s warm and sunny, and we are getting more day in our day. We haven’t seen a proper Midwestern winter this year, but I’m assuming I’m not alone when I say I’m ready for spring. We just found out today that we can have up to four chickens in our back yard. I think two chickens should be  enough. I am dreaming of fresh eggs, a small garden, and I’ve been spring cleaning. The below photo is one of the results of said spring cleaning, I have a long journey ahead, that basement of ours, oh my!



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