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Glitter Struck

Mei’s breakfast

I have two specks of glitter floating about in my tea.

Mei’s barking cough convinced me to keep her home this morning, her running back and forth ending with a thud on the living room couch did not convince her father. Both girls ended up skipping school today,  I can’t keep Mei home without protests from her sister. Unfortunately (for me) I have a weak heart.

It didn’t help that I had exceeded my bodily ability from yesterday’s work out routine. Two hot showers did nothing for my aching muscles. Oh, the pain, and grabby was not cooperating today, she had to be picked up and carried outside and then again picked up and carried to whichever place I wanted to go to. If my muscles could speak, the whole street, library, coffee shop, mall and connecting places would be filled with broken glass and people frantically covering their ears and running away from the high pitched screams my muscles would be producing. It is a miracle I could walk at all, let alone carry a stubborn thirty pound plus child. Did I complain enough?

By around two in the afternoon I was way past regretting not taking my husband’s advice. But then the miracle happened and Grabby not only napped in the car but (almost never happens) continued her nap after being transferred from the car seat to her sister’s bed. And so dear readers the sun came out, the birds found their song and the snow melted with such speed revealing big brown chunks of wilted grass underneath- which is what has been happening all day with our unseasonable fifty-degrees-spring-weather, only now I noticed it.

Mei and I decided to make valentine cards for her class mates. Mei also wrote a very touching letter to a Somali baby that she spotted on my Facebook page. The baby was literally skin on bones, at first Mei started laughing thinking it’s an animated image. I explained to her that in fact this is a real picture of a real Somali baby who has no food because of the drought that hit their land last year. Mei was concerned that the “bread and cheese” (this is how we explained what the donation might buy, to make it real for her) that she sent them was not enough, so we talked about why drought affects plants and animals (food), and how we can help those in need. So she insisted on sending Somalia chickens this time around, along with a letter that contained this message for the hunger stricken baby:  Sorry little baby that you don’t have any food, but I will give you a hundred foods. From a girl named Mei. ( I corrected the spelling for readability’s sake)

Mei, Why did you write the letter in a square shape? you know we write in horizontal lines, right?

Yes, I just wanted it to look pretty.

And it does sweetheart.

I stitched up a hole in Mei’s fairy wings (Grabby finally got her own wings, which resulted in jealously from Mei. Hence the sewing job) which contains a ridiculous amount of glitter. Did I mention before my irrational fear of glitter?

And that friends is how I got floaty glittery specks in my tea. It is next to impossible to get rid of the stuff, it lurks there waiting to cling to whatever object it finds. Scary, I’m telling you!



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