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My first born and her old man are the first two to abandon their warm down covers in the morning. They are what some would call “Morning People”. Mei usually comes in the morning, goes to her father’s side of the bed and the two of them walk slowly across the bedroom, and disappear behind the slight click of the bedroom door.

Minutes later (If it hasn’t already happened sometime in the early morning hours) I hear Grabby’s heavy stomping feet, a whimper and then I scoop her up with one arm while lifting up the covers with the other hand. “I want owange zues”. I yell my husbands name. Ten minutes later I am handed an empty bottle that recently contained a very small amount of O.J. Then Grabby slides her body down the side of my bed, and again heavy foot steps and a loud “Good morning Mei” follows.

I dig my head deep under the covers until my savior comes and quietly clicks the bedroom door shut again. By this time my phone which holds three albums or the fantastic Elizabeth Mitchel has been taken and hooked to a speaker to play one of these wonderful albums for our morning soundtrack.

Depending on my husband’s schedule, I will be summoned within an hour or minutes. Today, his schedule required the latter. So my morning black tea with milk was nicely placed on my bedside table and I was asked with urgency to help out.

It particularly took me a long time to come back to consciousness this morning. I am what some would call “Not A Morning Person”.

After finishing my tea and watching my husband finish his breakfast cereal. I head to splash my face with cold water, brush my teeth, and back to the kitchen to make a sandwich for my husband’s lunch (upon request, he usually takes care of his lunches unless in a real hurry). Then we wave him goodbye and take it slow from here.

Breakfast for the girls. Mei usually has the same cereal her father eats  (an heritage heirloom organic whole wheat flakes–a staple at our home) with soy milk but adds an extra ingredient–honey, she likes to squeeze it out herself. Grabby will either eat dry panda puff–no added milk– which improves life for me by like a lot since she likes to feed herself, and her fine motor skills are still questionable. Today she settled on cwackews (crackers). I am happy she ate at all. Sometimes she skips breakfast and gets in one of her grouchy moods (Yes Grabby, if you eat you’ll feel better. “No!”)

Then, I get back in the kitchen, prepare lunch boxes, green tea in a travel mug, while Mei entertains herself by drawing, coloring and cutting things to give as gifts for her classmates, her sister or myself. Grabby joined Mei in her morning drawing bonanza today “Would you hand it up mama?” “Yes I would hang it up Grabby, right after I finish getting you guys ready”

Lunch boxes, my bag, scarves, hats, scarves and mittens are then straightened on the bench by the door in anticipation. The snow suits are hung on the closet door knob.

I Look at the time. Summon the girls to their bedroom and argue about outfits to be worn. I lay the clothes for both girls on their beds, only Mei is in charge of dressing herself, and Grabby is still evading the whole getting dressed ordeal. Two things Grabby hates: 1. Changing from whatever she’s wearing to something else. 2. Brushing her hair. Actually add one more,  3. Cutting her nails.

I chase Grabby, struggle to take her clothes off, then struggle to put her clothes on. Protests from Grabby make me a little unhappy… well, a lot. By then Mei is all shiny and happy and showing off her awesome outfit that she chose for herself. Her chosen outfits usually entail a skirt over pants (Preferably pink. If not available, any random colors will do) a long sleeved T-shirt and a cardigan with only the top button buttoned–this is no coincidence.

Then off to brush teeth, brush hair, put on coats, socks boots, hats, scarves mittens and if we’re early enough I put on their snowsuits since they’ll be catching the morning playground time at their preschool. We didn’t make it this morning, which made their walking trip from the front door to the car not so comical looking. Kids stuffed in snow gear walk the funniest. Can’t blame them.

Car on, travel mug in it’s designated place, and off we go.

When I come back, I have worked an appetite for the morning and I either eat two fried eggs with some kind of toast. Or if I have enough energy and convince myself to be more healthy, I make a cereal concoction that entails a cup of my husband’s healthy cereal and then add the following: 1 Tbsp toasted wheat germ. 1 Tbsp ground flax seed. 7 walnuts. A handful of blueberries (or cut any fruit available). A substantial sprinkle of sunflower seeds, and Almond milk.

Today this is what I had, and I sat down feeling pleased with myself for my right food choices and decided to tell you about it so you get impressed with me too.

Did it work?

How are your mornings like?



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  1. oh! i miss having little ones! this morning was a little slow since i didn’t feel well. greg’s alarm goes off at 6 and then he hits snooze for 15 minutes. then he gets up to “muck out the stalls” (or do the kitty litters) while i feed the animals . . then after giving jack the bulldog a little water, he (um, jack!!! not greg! greg is too busy getting ready for work 😦 !!! ) and i hop back in bed until greg comes by to have me braid his hair, and walk jack. then i finally get up and make the bed before jack returns and tries to sleep on our pillows. greg leaves for work and i do some stretches and have tea and try to blog a little. somewhere in here morgana and chanda wake and read for 30 or 60 minutes in bed. then they get up and help unload the dishwasher and get breakfast on. sometimes morgana will start her schoolwork even before breakfast. after we eat i harass chanda until she is dressed and doing her knee therapy exercises and getting our her schoolwork. morgana does most everything without being asked. korrina is sleeping through all this . . because she has evening classes and does a lot of work at night. such a night owl! maybe i’ll do a post one day . . i thought your breakfast looks very yummy, but it’s one i would have in spring or summer. in winter i like to have hot oatmeal or a soft boiled egg. actually, i tend to have that most mornings! first the oatmeal, then the tea, then a blog post, then a soft boiled egg . . or another hot meal for morgana. chanda does not like hot cereal. korrina is finally eating oatmeal again. i have several other hot cereal mixes i like from the cookbook: feeding the whole family. natural lifestyle supplies also has a nice one called organic creamy breakfast porrage. it’s a mixture of brown rice, sweet rice, oat groats and brown sesame seeds. probably easy to make one’s self . . but for some reason i think their mix tastes better!

    i better get some sleep now . . happy chinese/lunar new year!

    • I am looking forward to my girls getting old enough to empty the dishwasher for me. I don’t mind loading it, it’s the emptying that gets to me. Strange I know.
      I feel like mornings set the tone to the rest of the day. I am like Korina though, a night owl, never did like going to bed at night. Waking up early is one of the things I’ve been working on.

      I always try to convince myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast, but I can’t bring myself to eat anything sweet for breakfast. The flakes are neutral, I won’t add anything sweet to them except a tart fruit. When in doubt I eat fried eggs. I’ve been meaning to get me a copy of feeding the whole family for years. I visit Cynthia Lair’s website often though. Maybe this is the year where I’ll finally cave.

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too. I had no idea. Feel better:)


  2. Take tylenol before you workout so you won’t feel as sore afterwards. If you don’t take tylenol the homeopathic equivalent is arnica.


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