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Fly me to the moon

We have one set of fairy wings that Mei received as a birthday gift, all our other wings have either been left behind in Egypt or disintegrated into wires and rags. This sometimes causes arguments between my girls. Tonight was one of those nights, where Mei obviously has the right to not share her things with Grabby, while understanding that Grabby might do the same when the situation is flipped. Mei was determined not to share tonight, Grabby melted into tears.

Ah, but Mei came up with a brilliant solution, she set to work. Minutes later Grabby’s fairy costume was taped with a special handmade paper wing (I wish I captured the moment), cut and colored by her loving sister. They were all hugs and giggles after.  And then we proceeded to our bedtime dance party routine. It’s moments like these that make life worth the while. Really.


Scenes from our home:

The Kitchen door. We gots our snow alright!

In the Girl’s bedroom. This Banner comes with us wherever we go. It reads Salam (Peace).

In the Kitchen. I love blood oranges. They’re so purrrty.


Tahrir Square has been packed since late last night. There has been unprecedented continuous heavy showers since. Yet the numbers are increasing. It’s hard not to admire such people.



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