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A week in photos

It started with this:A midday hike in warm fifty four degrees weather.

Snow the very next day with a high of 19 degrees. Oh Wisconsin!



:: Apples and peanut butter :: Greek yoghurt with berries, nuts and cinnamon :: Kale chips

Chicago/IL ::

Whole Earth Meats Burger. I haven’t had a store bought burger in a year. In moments like these I miss the windy city.

The Bloomingdale’s Building in Chicago/IL themed on Arabian/Islamic architecture. The interesting thing is the Calligraphy around the door is copied from the Arabic word “La Illaha Illa Allah” (there is no god but God), but for whatever reason the artist only randomly chose some of the words. So instead it reads “Wa la Illa Allah” (and there but God). It was really cool to see an Arabian looking building covered in snow.

And finally at the beginning of the famous magnificent mile a giant Miss Monroe salutes us with a famous pose and an uncanny reminder of America’s windy city. Just in case we forgot. She’s squinting from the snow covering her eyes.

This weekend we have grand plans of sledding, snowman making and hot cocoa sipping. InshaAllah.

Happy Late Season Arrival.



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  1. Apples and peanut butter!? What a fabulous idea!


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