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Let it snow

…if you please.

We have been promised seven mighty inches by tomorrow. We would really love for this promise to be fulfilled, raise your hands in supplication if you agree. The human condition is quite queer wouldn’t you say? This winter season has been the talk of town. It’s too warm, people are actually complaining about it. “No snow? and we’re almost two weeks in January!”

My husband and his old man possibly live for this season–they are both very disappointed. I am very disappointed (well, mildly). I want snow, I love snow. I do however want the mellow kind of snow, the kind where the temperature hovers below freezing, no negatives in the equation here. I don’t want to wear my thermals, cover my eyes and nose, and scream whenever I open the front door. (I do scream, ask my husband–he laughs at me). The first time I experienced WI winters (it was May at the time, and the temperature was in the twenties) I experienced an unusual sensation– my eyeballs hurt! apparently it was windy enough where I think my tears froze a little and hurt my eyeballs, or at least that’s what I convinced myself of at the time. So yeah, low thirties, or high twenties please.

In other news, Grabby moved on from Nursery Rhymes to Peter Rabbit books. Her current favorite is Tom Kitten (she likes him ’cause he’s fat and naughty. She also likes the pit pat paddle pat, pit pat waddle pat sound of the three paddle ducks. She giggles whenever I reach that part). I can now announce that she is officially potty trained by day. We’ll wait maybe a week and start night time training. She’s been quite chatty. (It’s challenging to find a gap to fill from her older sibling, she’s been recently standing up to the challenge, with raising voices over each other ‘n’ all. Oh my!)

I’ve been cooking “new food” for us this week, and I feel like this entails a post of it’s own. I am also waiting for a Kombucha scoby to arrive in the mail, so I’ll wait till my Kombucha making experiment starts so I can report here to you. If you live in a place that sells Kombucha tea commercially, I suggest you try it first. The first time I tried (meaning I took one sip and ran to the sink to spit it out–it tasted like vinegar) Kombucha tea, was from a homemade batch made by a kind friend back in 2008. I swore to myself never to drink it ever again. Four years later, a week ago (It took me this long to recollect my sense of adventure) I hesitantly bought a bottle from Whole Foods. And lo and behold I actually liked it. I didn’t try to convince myself to drink it. I enjoyed it! The downside is the tasty store bought stuff is not for cheap. So I decided to (gulp) make my own, without fermenting it for the full time, storing it in an air tight bottle to create the nice fizziness I experienced with the store bought stuff, and keep it cold. All what I just mentioned I think lacked in the homemade batch I tried. So we’ll see won’t we?

What else? Oh, I just started reading the Hunger Games using my husband’s kindle, which naturally lead to a the self possessing want emotion. I mean did you know that you can read in bed, on the pillow, and with your head tilted in way where you can never find a comfortable manner for the book to be held. The Kindle rests on it’s cover flap. It took me three pages to realize that I don’t need to reach (did you notice the word reach? *ha ha*) for the further forward-arrow-button to turn the page. There is another set of forward and back- arrow-buttons right next to the close side of your finger. And (you already know that) the screen is not illuminated–your eyes don’t hurt.

Anyhoo, enough with my weird ramblings. I have a duck in the fridge that needs to get marinated and it’s already eleven.

Pray for snow!



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  1. HUNGER GAMES!! What do you think?? We LOVED it over here.

  2. I just started reading it, still in book one, but oh my, it is a page turner. I do love it so far, and I think that I will love them all. I am also very excited that you’re excited that I’m reading it:)


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