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A great man fell today.

Sheikh Emad Effat got shot in the chest today by his country’s army men, he left behind a wife and three children. Sheikh Emad is one of many who have fallen today at the occupy cabinet sit in, he has been active in the protests since the 18 days sit in that lead to the ousting of the former President. My husband and I had the honor to attend some of his lectures while we were living in Egypt. My husband fondly remembers driving him around in Cairo– upon arriving to one of his destinations (Dar al Iftaa) where Sheikh Emad worked, my husband was asked by the guard about his identity. My husband responded that he’s the Sheikh’s driver, which made the eminent Sheikh blush with embarrassment.

Rest in peace our Sheikh, your blood will not be spilled in vain.

Hasbona Allah wa ni’ma al wakeel wa inna lilahi wa inna illayhi raj’oon.

Please recite al fatiha for his soul.



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