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Nocturnal vs Diurnal

Harpy gets active around the time I start blogging. It makes sense, since I’m a late night blogger and Harpy is nocturnal. I get it now, why people have pets. They somehow fill a void. You are suddenly no longer alone, you can enjoy silent time, but if ever you get bored, you can head over to Mr. rat and have a “decent” one sided conversation. Rat holds a steady eye contact. And now when I come home from grocery shopping, I go straight to Harpy’s cage and say hello. And he responds by looking up towards me and sniffs the air between us. “You know Harpy, I’m never going to touch you. You are a rat after all. Don’t give me this look, it wasn’t my idea to bring you here to begin with. And now look at me, I am talking to you in a silly voice. We need to get our boundaries straight rat”

Yes, I am getting fond of the rat. Curses. I also have conversations with him often. He’s a good listener.

Grabby is also fond of Harpy, although she’s still insisting he’s a mouse. She likes to come to the kitchen when I’m cooking and asks me for a treat for Harpy, I hand her an old baby carrot, and then I hear her heavy excited gallop across the living room to where Harpy’s cage is. Then, giggles “He snatched it from me” only it sounds more like “EEEK. He nat it for me.”

She usually will then proceed to find her home-made-wooden-block-skates and start to steadily glide her foot on the wooden floor and then the other and repeat. She’s quite balanced. It’s currently one of my favorite Grabby activities and innovations.

Grabby’s current favorite items in the world are (meaning she will be very miserable without them): wooden-block-skates, a particular nursery rhyme book (we have many), snow white costume, orange juice, peanut butter cwackew, play-doh, and Mommy.

Mei is currently really into comic books (mama is very pleased, mama is also currently obsessed with comics), also drawing. If there’s a any small pocket of time where she finds herself not doing something, she’ll get out her notebook and crayons and start drawing. She drew our belly dancing bedtime party tonight. Earlier she drew prophet Mohammad and prophet Adam (peace be upon them both) Prophet Adam looked like a blob of mud, I think she was thinking of him in his early clay stages. Prophet Mohammad looked like the description that I gave to her, longish, dark, wavy, brown, hair, a beard, a mustache, and big brown eyes . The girl listens. We talked about not drawing Prophets in the future, but I get it. We are visual beings. It was really sweet.

Mei’s been trying to copy signing since watching this video. We taught her the one we know best. And we finally cut her nails (just to save our face)



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