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We should be friends

Facebook keeps telling me I need to be friends with girl X because we have 18 friends in common. Logically, I should know girl X. It is indeed peculiar that we have 18 people in common, yet our paths never crossed. So although tempting, I will not be sending that friend request just yet, I will wait until fate takes its natural coarse and puts girl X in my real life path, because it should happen sooner or later. Eighteen for crying out loud!

In the meantime, I am making friends with people whom I have zero friends in common with. One of them taught me how to crochet this morning. My first project is a hat with a tentacle looking beard attached to it. She promises it’s a simple pattern, my eyebrows have been up since.

The girl who drew my palm with henna is another new friend of mine. She’s very talented.

Here’s another creepy thing about facebook (other than the fact that it tells me to be friends with a girl X, or to write something on another contacts wall ’cause we haven’t touched base in a while) I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was asking me about my new friends. “What new friends? how did you know I am making new friends?”



So world, since everyone is in the know. I am confirming, I am making new friends.






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  1. Oh, that was me! 🙂


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