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Egypt’s Revolution gets a second wind.

(photo credit: Hossam el Hamalawy)

Twitter Feed (disturbing):

“Go home you look educated. Let us die instead so when it’s all over, someone is left to build it back” This tweet circulated many times last night. A girl tweeted it after getting approached by one of the protesters pulling her away from the tear gas canisters.

“Malek lost his eye people, Malek lost his eye and is still smiling” Malek’s picture circulated both twitter and Facebook last night, he’s a well known Egyptian activist. He had blood trickling down from his right eye, and blood stains on his shirt and scarf.

“I am at the Zeinhom Morgue. There are twenty eight corpses– four unidentified. I am being held in custody, the police won’t let me leave” This tweet came from an old friend last night.

“I’ve been having stitching pains in my stomach since last night, the tear gas this time is different. Something is wrong with it” This tweet came from my friend B. this morning.

“Urgent please retweet: We need lots of Doctors, gauze, cotton, medical supplies at the makeshift hospital, by the prayer area behind Hardees” last night.

“If someone gets arrested, here is the emergency line for the NOMILITARYTRIALS group: 01002850271  01004118110” Nov 19.

(photo credit: unknown)

“Ahmad Harra lost his second eye today. He lost his first on jan28. He sacrificed the light of his eyes for his country” Nov 19.

“The sons of dogs are throwing the dead bodies in the trash” a video circulated showing the evidence on Nov 19th.

“I left the exam and wrote to them this on the paper. Maybe they’ll show some sympathy. And may God have mercy on our martyrs in heaven and protect our brothers in the squares” The words in Arabic read: I’m sorry I won’t be able to finish the exam because my brothers/sisters and friends got killed today at Tahrir square and the rest of Egypt’s squares, by the hands of the military and the police force. Please make supplications of mercy for them, and pray for the rest of my brothers and sisters in the squares. Signed by author. 3 hours ago.

“Horrible tear gas attack into the heart of the square, lots of ppl fainting #tahrir” one hour ago.


The tear gas used this time is indeed different. Here’s an article about it.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a gas mask, if you’re in Egypt and intend on joining the protestors, this is useful.

Wear swimming goggles. The army is shooting rubber bullets aiming at the eyes.

Coalition of Revolutionary Youth calls for a Million Man protest at 5 pm tomorrow. Their Demands in Arabic in this link.

List of drop off points for medical supplies in various Cairo neighborhoods:

نقطة الزمالك ٢٦ ش بهجت علي بجوار سفارة الصين لاتصال ب
٢٥٠٤١٤٢٨نقطة المقطم ١٤٣ ش ٨ الهضبة العليا الرجاء الاتصال ب ٢٥٠٤١٤٢٨ للتفاصيل

Tiba Mall Nasr City, call 01229833513 10 mins before you arrive and Ghada Sharif نقطة تجميع مدينة نصر حتى الساعة السادسة مساء

نقطة تجمع وندرلاند : أى بطاطبن, عصائر مخبوزات, قطن, بتادين, كولا, مياه, جاكت قديم… موبيل 01222879499 /

نقطة الهرم Ahmed Waheed 0116008494
و العنوان هو 304 منطقة ز حدائق الاهرام بعد الساعة

نقطة تجميع الشخ زايد
Rahma Esther Bavelaar
215 قرية حدائق المهندسين
الشيخ زايد
منزل طارق غانم
الاتصال قيل ١٠ دقائق من الوصول اي وقت ما عدا 2:30 الى

نقطة تجمع فى أكتوبر الحى الثالث عمارة 239 أمام مول بلازا – معتز

نقطة المعادي .اتصلوا على رقم 01007779965
والاسم أحمد عزب

Please share.

Prayers for my brothers and sisters in Egypt. May God protect them and make them triumphant.



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