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In my absence taking a course in the Boston area, my beloved husband brought home a pet. We’ve been discussing finding the perfect pet for some time now. Since we don’t own our place, and we live in a relatively small apartment, a dog was out of the question. (Mama doesn’t like picking up poop after animals.) A cat was another option, but Grabby has asthma, and my husband and I don’t like animal hair on our clothes and furniture. We briefly considered the ugly looking hairless cats, but were discouraged after finding out they are not only hideous, but pricey. Ugly looks come at a high cost of nine hundred bucks, so it seems.

“A RAT! I owned a rat when I was young, they’re clean and smart, and don’t shed” my husband declared one day.”a rat is not exactly my idea of a pet, it’s a vermin, we kill rats where I come from.”

We discussed this for months. We never came to an agreement. My understanding was we were still in the market for a pet.We apparently no longer are. So here goes nothing, introducing our latest family addition, meet Harpy, our pet Rat, named after Mai’s favorite bird– the Harpy Eagle.

Pet rats are bred to be social. Harpy admittedly is cute, social, and clean. He cleans himself excessively after getting handled by the girls and their father. He makes me think that we’re the pests. Grabby insists he’s a mouse not a rat. “he looks like a mouse mama”. Right, he looks like a mouse, has a long thick tail like a rat and acts like a cat. My husband is currently training him to hitch a ride on his shoulder. Did I mention he’s a teenage rat?

My husband cleans his cage, so that settles it then.



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