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It’s late, I have no title…

There is a chipmunk that lives in a hole under our kitchen door steps– he is cute and timid. There is a big walnut tree in our backyard–It is dropping it’s fruit like hand grenades in an historic war… We live in an historic house.

Hey (the chipmunk tells himself) this place looks historic, which means the wood on the bottom is probably deteriorated– nice… And oh look (again speaking to himself), there’s a huge walnut tree in it’s back yard– sweet!

Seconds later, the chipmunk appears in the screenshot with a tiny wooden plank and nails in it’s mouth. With cartoon style lighting speed. The plank is hammered on the bottom steps below the house’s kitchen door. It reads “Home Sweet Home”. The chipmunk’s back appears in the screenshot looking admiringly at his sign.

End Scene.

It is safe to say that chipmunks are my current new favorite woodland animals. Sorry squirrels. A chipmunk carrying a respectable sized walnut fruit in his tiny mouth is possibly the cutest thing I have personally set eyes on. (mind you I produced two insanely cute babies of my own– high praise I’m telling you! also sorry girls!)


It’s a full moon tonight, which could possibly be the reason for the above paragraphs (we’ll never know for sure though)


Are you guys still listening to Radiolab? really? Well, did you listen to this one? Did you go all the way to the last segment (finding Emelie)? I made a puddle of tears on my pillow (that’s how I put myself to sleep sometimes) It’s not a sad story (well it is, but not quite). Do give it a listen if you haven’t already.


Molly’s Tarte Tatin.¬†

Our Apple Sauce. (I ran out of apples imagine that! Rumor has it, that a certain three year old has been seen sneaking apples and eating them all day long)

My system is confused, We have been eating apples for two weeks and playing in piles of leaves. We have also been playing at the beach, and rolling over sand dunes, with not a cloud in sight, and armored with our summer clothes– because, it sure did feel like it. (Can you tell I’m still in shock– happy shock)

How’s the weather at your end? What’s cooking in your kitchen?


oooh, one last thing. Did you listen to Feist’s new album? She rocks!


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