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Tuesday Tunes :: Fairouz

The calendar says it’s October but the thermometer says otherwise. The tree in front of our place already shed all it’s leaves, and most of our city looks like fall: from Orange Jack O lanterns popping in front of porches and front steps, to yellow, crimson red, and brown trees on full display. The side walks disappeared under heaps of yellow leaves for crying out loud. Just to clarify, this is not a complaint. This is how I sound like when I am in shock. Our Indian summer ends this Wednesday according to the iphone weather app.


I have been avoiding coming here for the past couple of nights until I recovered and felt fit to type. Prayers for Egypt. I want to go and apologize to every single Coptic christian in my country right now. Sunday’s events left a deep scar. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who lost loved ones


When I am sad, I usually want my mothers embrace. I want her to just hold me, until the sadness goes away.

When my mother is sad, she usually listens to Um kolthoum. But when she wants the sadness to go away, she listens to Fairouz, and when the sadness goes away, she sings with us.

This song was sung to me when I was a little girl, many, many times by mother -who doesn’t have a good voice but loves to sing nonetheless- and it always brings a smile on both our faces. This one is for you mom. May the sadness go away.

It starts by (tic tic tic o mother of Soliman. tic tic tic where has your husband been? tic tic tic he’s been at the field. picking peaches and pomegranates…)




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  1. ahhh…Fairouz always makes me happy too. Hugs.

  2. I really love Fairouz…
    (I’ve just discovered you blog!)


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