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’tis the season (continues)

… for apples! (and also to be Joly, in a whole new way)

We’ve been wanting to go apple picking for over two weeks now. Finally, the stars aligned and we managed a whole afternoon at the orchard/farm. Grabby must’ve ate a dozen apples between yesterday and today alone. Nothing like a toddler picking her own snack (more like breakfast, lunch and dinner.) Macintosh are her favorite– small and sweet– the perfect combo for a toddlers hands and teeth.

The farm we visited also had honeybees, we learned so much about those fascinating creatures, and watched them busy at work preparing for long harsh mid-western winters. They stay in their outdoors hives during winter months and survive the sub-zero temperatures. The only thing the beekeepers do is keep their hives in a sunny spot, and they survive. Amazing (subhanAllah). We picked up a couple of fresh honey jars (capital YUM)

the loot!

Four bags: Macintosh, red cort, and northwest greener (or something like that).  Maybe next year I’ll get braver and embark on more storing, this year is our trial pick- not bad, ey?

“How do you like them apples?” (I couldn’t resist!)

Roll, stuff, cover and bake. The freshest ingredients call for the fastest work– this was a special delivery for a very special someone *smile*. I heard it was a hit.

My favorite pie recipe comes from Fantastic Mr. Bittman. A bare amount of sweeteners and spices to show off the fruit. A master who knows what he’s talking about.

These are the recipes that I am thinking about at the moment, feel free to share a favorite apple recipe of yours.



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  1. Not bad indeed!! MashaAllah!! What a fancy pie you have there!
    I heard from somewhere that if you consume local honey it helps with allergies.
    I do not think any apple tastes as good as the one you pick yourself.
    Happy Fall!!

  2. Thank you Sarahumasiya, It’s true, isn’t it *smile* and a happy fall to you!


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