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It’s been a dark rainy weekend, with pockets of sunshine throughout– can’t complain at all really. This is my season– my hair agrees with whatever suggestions I propose, my skin decides to finally call a truce and seize sending me random “hellos” throughout my face (thank-you-very-much!), and most of all my headscarf and I exchange friendship necklaces. Hello Autumn!

The Egyptian News Channel predicted a massive earthquake in Egypt tomorrow– Yes, ’cause we’re that advanced! Ah Egyptian News Channel, how I miss thee (not!)… made me smile nonetheless.

A very good friend of mine sings this song for her daughter to sleep every.single.night since the day she was born (she’s five now). I sometimes wish she could sing it to me too.

My significant other has been thoroughly enjoying the best birthday gift I ever gave him. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it too. I (did not) make a huge mistake *wink*.


Spending more time in the kitchen is what this season is all about. What’s cooking at your end? The Egyptian Style Falafel Recipe is from here. I tried Baking them the next day to avoid the grease, but the baking didn’t take the garlicky edge like frying. I’ll need to tweak it a little and come back and share. (also, sorry mom, I couldn’t reach you in time for your recipe.)

Yay Saudis! still waiting on the driving though.

My family is scarier than yours! MWAHAHAHA. (my super cool husband found this one!)

Share the love, any cool finds are welcome.



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