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care for a cuppa’ tea, anyone?

…and not any tea– The Swan Tea, only the best kind of black tea known to man. FACT! 

An American? Here’s how you can enjoy a supreme cuppa’ black tea. (Take notes!)

1. Use steaming hot water. (why is it that Americans don’t serve tea water hot enough. Why o why o why?) The tea won’t steep well otherwise.

2. Use any brand other than American black tea brands, even the American Lipton is not strong enough. Is there a conspiracy against Americans enjoying a good cuppa’tea? I mean for crying out loud!

3. Don’t leave the tea bag in forever, your tea will get bitter dude.

4. Also don’t get too hasty, you want a nice deep red color in there.

5. Try it with a dash of whole milk, or throw in a couple of fresh mint leaves. A spoonful of honey is a good choice when your throat is bothering you, also a squeeze of lemon should do the trick.

Try this and you’ll thank me.

btw, this is not a rant, this is my Egyptian obligation to teaching the American people to drink a proper cup of tea, (or in my case a disguised jar of tea)



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