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My sidebars are a mess, in case you haven’t noticed already. I haven’t quite figured out wordpress completely, I need to dedicate some TLC for this little blog of mine, make it look more approachable to those of you kind enough to drop by. This should happen sometime in the near future, meanwhile, don’t frazzle yourselves with my current sidebars, they mean nothing at all.

I turned my auto-focus off with the intention to never turn it back on again. It’s simpler this way, also it tells a different story (mostly it doesn’t, but this is me figuring this new realm of the unclear on my own, bear with me…)

It never struck me that I lived in the desert, until I moved/experienced summers in America’s Midwest. My memories in Egypt are tinted in yellow and  smell of dust and sand. Cairo in itself (where I lived) is not the desert, there are trees lining the streets, and the river Nile dissects the city in two halves, spreading farming lands along its banks. But drive no more than half an hour and you will hit a yellow sandy horizon, complete with mini dust whirls.

Wisconsin, is a place where when you experience winter, you could swear nothing green will ever come out of this white, frozen solid ground. But then spring comes, and summer and before you know it, it’s a tropical jungle.

Early fall, the landscape turns to that of a painter, you might pinch yourself thinking it’s a dream. The colors, the fresh chilly breeze, apples, and harvest and the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon perfuming  the kitchen…

I made cinnamon apple rolls at seven o’clock tonight– instead of starting bedtime routine for the girls. I was craving the smell, the sweetness, and the warmth of our oven. The girls slept late tonight. (Note-to-self: don’t feed the kids apple rolls before bed. Self-to-note: you already knew this but did it anyways. Note-to-self: stop talking to self, this is not how it works!)


Tuesday Tunes :: Mashrou’ Laila

… is a Lebanese band that I’ve been listening to for some time now the band name translates to “Laila’s Project”. Their lyrics and music are cynical and humorous.  I already posted a breakfast video with one of their tracks. But here’s another song that I am loving right now. He starts by asking a girl” remember when you told me that you’ll marry me, who cares about money or a house?” and it ends by him asking the girl ” remember when you told me that you intend to leave me, who cares about money or a house?”



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Hello and welcome, you have landed yourself on this virtual space designed by your humble servant to try and escape life's unpleasantness through: selective memory musings, snippets of the world that surrounds me, and occasional insights when the light blub in this strange brain of mine flickers. No real names are displayed I'm afraid, why bother?

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