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mom, what comes after the fatiha in the prayer.

A small surah, like” Qul Howa Allahu ‘Ahad.”

(seconds later)

and what comes after that?

You bow and say “Subhan Rabiya Al ‘Azeem” three times while bowing.

(seconds later)

And what comes after that?

By this time my mother got suspicious by my running back and forth out of the kitchen to ask her about the sequence of the prayer. She finally asked…

Nermine, are you praying right now, and interrupting your prayer to ask me what comes next?

Umm, yes, is there something wrong with that?

Oh sweetie, you can’t leave in the middle of the prayer.

But I don’t know the sequence?

I’ll teach you…

This was my first memory  of praying, I also had no scarf on to cover my head as I remember -as a matter of fact- I used to pray without a headscarf well into my late teens, until my mother walked in on me while praying without a headscarf:

You’ll need to repeat this prayer, you forgot to put on a headscarf.

I didn’t forget. I just don’t put it on when there’s no one around, ’cause God can see me with or without a scarf.

Nermine, by this logic– you can pray naked.



We have been adding more and more things to our bare walls. Little by little this home of ours feels more like home.



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