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Twenty Five

The last days::

Ramadan is breathing it’s final breaths. Five days left, how did this happen? Also, have you noticed the calendar recently. Apparently summer got jealous from Ramadan and decided to part with us too.

So in honor of both our short lived guests, I bring you snippets of  this year’s Ramadan/Summer fun:

We spent most of Ramadan moving, packing, and unpacking (not in this particular order). But we were also successful at avoiding the long fasting hour dehydration, by soaking ourselves and the girls in all forms of water possible. We took walks in the rain, jumped in the pool, ran in sprinklers, and splashed in the kiddy pool. We enjoyed (and are still enjoying) lots of ice-cream and Popsicles after our iftar (break-fast-meal) meals.

We’ve been eating well friends, home cooked meals that entail fresh ingredients, tossed together with minimal work. We’ve been enjoying communal iftars with fellow Muslims and family. My favorite meal this month was a simple sushi picnic (where we {understandably & totally} over ordered, btw.) We watched the sun (and ducks and geese) take a plunge in the lake and prayed on the soft grass.

The girls marveled at strange bugs at their awesome hippie preschool, that encourages them to get dirty, look up new found bugs, and most of all clean up after themselves. I am (all praise to God) very pleased with this school.

Mud pies have been the girls latest summer fun activity/ discovery.  And we are currently hosting a fairy in our back-yard’s newly built fairy hotel (built by Mei). Also Mei got a new big girl’s bike that she is yet to learn how to ride, Grabby got Mei’s hand-me-down- balance bike.

(in this photo, Mei borrows her sister’s bike just for fun)

Mama, and Baba have been also enjoying more bike rides– to and back from the mosque and around our super walkable (and bike friendly) new neighborhood. We love it Alhamdulilah.

May God accept us during these last special days and help the struggles and lift the suffering of people around the world, Amen.

Happy last days everyone!



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