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I can hear crickets from my living room. Ain’t that neat?

So yeah, I don’t have proper images for you today. I’m lame, agreed. More seventies postcards anyone? (with ZEE exception of a couple normal phone camera ones)

we started the weekend with ballet recital (photo credit goes to the girl’s amazing Grandpa!)

we then continued to a special playground that the girls old man played at in his childhood. He even remembered the climbing tree that left his hands sticky with sap. Mei now shares those experiences.

swimming naturally follows, especially when mama joins in the fun too *smile*

This is rain water draining, near the woods where we live. We make sure to visit after heavy rain. Baba and Mei made it this time, while Grabby and mom enjoyed some quite/nap time. (Photo credit: Baba)

And last but not least. Cup-o-cakey! free of charge. Do visit cupcake shops right before they close-up for the day. You’ll find yourself in for a free treat. (we had no idea, also there were five cupcakes, the girls devoured two on the spot. We we had ours for sohour (late-night meal). Nothing wrong with that!)


Btw, this is one of my weekend photo series, if you haven’t guessed by now.



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