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The good news is sun-down gets earlier every day. Dusk was at 8:17 tonight. Not bad, eh?

Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh), used to break fast with dates and milk. So for hundreds of years Muslims try to break fast with dates, milk or a combination of both.

This is how we break fast around our neck of the woods:

sweetened date-milk stew:

You’ll need: about 20 to 30 pitted dates (we use the soft kind as opposed to the dried, you can definitely use the dried dates here too) half a gallon milk (we use 1% , but if you are an adventurer, whole milk adds to the deliciousness by, like a lot).

How to: Dump pitted dates and milk in a pot, bring to boil on medium heat. Let cool, chill and serve in a bowl with a spoon.

We’re having this the coming 27 days days.


btw, I too am bored with the postcard style pictures. I should buy a memory card for my D90 soon, I promise.


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