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It rained today.

The air is so heavy these days, if you brisk walk, you may find water droplets on your face. In fact, it was humid enough for it to rain with no dark clouds in sight, AND a full glistening sun in the horizon. Mei dubbed it “sun-rain”.

Today is Tuesday, and I have been trying to find something fitting for the the spirit of the month, and have had no luck. The song I am about to share, in my opinion is over produced. The video includes a lot of sentimental and emotional footage from Egypt. I decided to go with it, because TOMORROW! our famous Pharaoh will be tried.




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Hello and welcome, you have landed yourself on this virtual space designed by your humble servant to try and escape life's unpleasantness through: selective memory musings, snippets of the world that surrounds me, and occasional insights when the light blub in this strange brain of mine flickers. No real names are displayed I'm afraid, why bother?

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