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Do you know what night of the week it is?

It’s the night before the first day… of the week (obviously). I currently have a mild headache from not having enough caffeine consumption. I need about three mugs of black tea/day. Today I had one and a half, hence the mild throbbing of my brain, or is it the skull that hurts?

I recently dropped out of a beginners photography course. We didn’t agree (meaning me and the instructor, not me and photography). But this is not what is making my brains pulse.

Yesterday morning, Mei caught me frowning at an online article.

“Whose she, mom?”



“she used to be a singer mommy loved”

“and what happened to her?”

“she died”

“don’t frown mom, you should be happy because I know a singer in Meiland that you love and she never dies”

My daughter then gave me a very tight hug, and I smiled and thought of Amy Whinehouse’s mother.

My head continues to pulse.


There are some unsettling news about Egypt, there are some unsettling news about Norway, England, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, America…

There are some unsettling news.


I am judgmental. I get ticked off by a friend’s facebook status that says: Tomorrow is Saturday. (She posted this on a Friday night).

Did I mention, that my head is pulsing?


We went to the crane foundation today, we met a guy from Sheboygan. I did not like him.

I also did not like my photography instructor.

Did I mention, I am judgmental?


Tomorrow is Monday.



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