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We had fish and chips for dinner last night, the three of us. Grabby is a bit particular with her food, so she’ll have fish sticks but not fried fish, why? the shape is wrong of course!

The fish was rolled in flour then dowsed in cream and lastly fried in butter, you would think anyone should like that. I balanced the meal by baking the chips in olive oil in the oven. I also made garlic stir fried green beans so I don’t feel all that guilty. I was full by the end of the meal.You see hat’s the thing about food cooked with butter versus food cooked without. We usually eat healthy around these quarters. only thing I usually feel like I need a bar of dark chocolate right after to finish off the meal. Last night, I was content.

Conclution: Butter is good for you. EAT BUTTER PEOPLE!




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