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Mei Day

“I am a Cyborg Ninja, haaaayyaaaaaaah!” Mei makes an entrance into our living room.

This Cyborg Ninja is my baby, the same one who had her hands smell like” feet” sometimes from being covered long enough to protect her face from involuntary movements when she had long nails. (If you ever had a baby you’ll know why it’s impossible to keep a baby’s finger nails short– hence the feet smelling hands. If you’ve never had a baby, I’ll spare you the mystery: Do you know how tiny those little finger nails are? do you also know that they pretty much grow overnight! With Grabby we were more seasoned parents and somehow Grabby never had the same dilemma. Also she was calmer, she didn’t even need to be swaddled to sleep, imagine that!)

I was establishing the fact that she has irreversibly grown, and she says things like: “Mom, you know God created me first brown, and then he peeled me off, so then, I became pink. For baby S, God decided not peel her off, so she stayed brown” … Mei’s mind at work with the mystery of skin pigmentation.

I find myself smiling at this little courageous girl of mine. She refuses to have her food ordered for her at restaurants, instead she marches confidently to a waitress in sight and asks for her order.

Mei at four and a half is still a chatter box– who can sure entertain a crowd weather they like it or not. She’s curious about anything and everything, wise, thoughtful, friendly, confident (that’s the opposite of shy right? ’cause my baby is never shy…NEVER! She also knows how to make an entrance (Did you read the first line?)

Mei, is an extrovert with a capital EXTRO. The girl strives with people around her. Back in Egypt, she refused to learn Arabic but insisted on learning what “come”  translates to. “Ta’ali,(come) Ta’ali” was her chant in Egyptian streets whenever her eyes caught sight of any passer by. Her hands also gestured the word. She begs for company. Anyone’s company, she’s not particular at all, but if you happen to be a teenage girl who would miraculously take an interest in a four year old… know that you have a made a young girl very happy.

Mei, impatiently awaits the day where she will become a teenager, and possibly gets married to her father. ( Granted a disturbing thought, but the girl asked for my permission, ya knaw)

Mom, when I’m five I will be a teenager, right?

No, it starts at thirteen. Get it? ’cause of the teen at the end.

But mom, I grow really fast, so I’ll be a teenager only at five.

But, why do you want to be a teenager so bad?

Because a teenager, can run around and play all day n night outside and they don’t even need their parents with them.

(She figured it out!)

Mei has big plans for the future, she wants to be an astronaut, and a ballerina. She also wants to be a golfer, a football player, a fighter, a superhero girl and possibly a cyborg ninja.

Her favorite color is pink, ’cause that’s what girls are supposed to like, right mama? (Curse you pluralistic media messages that manipulate young minds) I was first opposed to the idea of her having an all pink room, but i realized, the girl has her taste, it is not my room, it’s hers and she will grow out of it eventually or not. It’s her choice, and I’ve made peace with that.

Her favorite car is a pink convertible, and she’s still working her mind control powers to convince her Baba to buy a pink convertible for our next car. She might need something more than mind control for this one.

Her favorite word is “for real?”

Her favorite joke word is “stupid poop” I wonder where she got that one? hmn…

Her favorite dinosaur is a T-rex (mine is pterodactyl since we’re at the topic)

She loves babies so much she could die. (her words not mine)

I can go on forever, but I need to go to sleep, it’s getting late.

(Mei, if you ever google mommy’s blog in the future, know that I love you so much I could die… for real!)


* all images are from the archives, she’s much longer in both her limbs and her hair. I need to buy a new memory card for my Camera.


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