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Moved and Grabby

Blogger has been acting all weird on me, so instead of trying to figure out the problem I’ve decided to move here. Why? I’m lazy… simple.

Question answered, lets proceed.

Today I want to dedicate this post to Grabby, she’s been so much more than just Grabby. She’s been blossoming into the wonderful little person that she is, she loves mother goose rhymes and shouts over her sister to sing all the rhymes first…

she’s been climbing trees, ladders, stairs, and her mama’s shoulder when she catches me sitting somewhere (she sneaks up behind me and climbs her way to my shoulders)

She is fearless and so much grounded on her feet, which is so different than when her sister was the same age–the girl launches herself to the trapeze in the playground construction in front of our home from a step close by. Fearless I tell you!

Her speech is by far my favorite, although I don’t get everything she says (again so different from Mei, Mei could pronounce each and every word perfect from the day she could utter words)

Mei is Grabby’s official interpreter for the family. Grabby will be like:

“hey mom, tan a doe pahdown”


“She’s wants to go to the playground mama!” Mei declares.


She’s in the process of potty trainig herself, although I am not helping at all ’cause of our current wall to wall carpeting situation. Ugh! You see, when I potty train I don’t joke about. I just let them run around bottomless, and we have a couple of accidents and then voila’ they’re trained. Pull ups don’t do it for me. You see, kids need to feel wet, and have a couple of accidents to get it. Or at least that’s what we do back in Egypt. We all got trained that way. Only thing my mom had help to clean after the accidents. And we roll up the carpets during potty training time. It’s true. if you visit a potty training Egyptian family you’ll know what I am talking about. Wall to wall carpets are not cool. Ah the scrubbing. So I am currently procrastinating until we move… again… hopefully to a wood-floor-potty-training-friendly-abode, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do.

Grabby is my independent babe, she feeds herself, tries to dress herself, and now she even climbs up our borrowed truck by herself and sits herself in her car-seat. Her favorite color is” boo” (Blue) and her favorite rhyme is “Mawy maway twiet tontwawy” (Mary Mary quite contrary). And her favorite show is “Go Diego Go!” (if you sing her the theme song, she’ll run about giggling all over the place, pretending to be Diego)

There’s so much more to tell you about, she’s sweet and loving and a great hugger. She loves her sister and copies her to annoyance like every younger sibling does to their older one, and she has a smile that is sure to melt anyone’s heart. She’s my little baby that is miraculously¬† looking more and more like a kid.

You want to know that years are passing? have children!



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